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Below you will find just a few photos and audio clips from my nearly three years doing on-air shows and appearances in roundtable interviews at KRUI Studios at KRUI 89.7 FM Iowa City. The station is University of Iowa student-run and operated, and was the first college station to stream digitally (globally) on the internet, and is known for strictly only playing independent music and/or music that has not charted on Billboard Hot 100 in the last 20 years. Unfortunately, much of my on-air work was not captured or archived from my two radio shows and appearances, but allow me to tell you a little more about my time spent on-air (aka my happy place)...


I hosted two weekly, one-hour radio shows on KRUI 89.7 FM which is a terrestrial station based out of Iowa City, IA. My two shows were called Afternoon Delight and The Writers' Room. I also occasionally appeared on KRUI News for roundtable contributions.


Afternoon Delight was a one-hour afternoon show that I curated new playlists of independent music for as well as add my own commentary and conversation topics and news in the music and entertainment world that week. On this show, I did live phone and in-studio interviews with musicians as well as other guests as well, and this was hands down my favorite hour of the week!

The Writers' Room was also a one-hour show on Sunday mornings I hosted with the staff of writers I hired and managed for KRUI. We all contributed content to the site KRUI.FM, which I also served as Editor in Chief of for 3.5 out of my 4 years at UI. The show served as a promotional tool for the online content we were creating, and we also used our Arts & Culture content umbrella as a springboard for various commentary on happenings in the world of entertainment on-air. Below you will find our first show, which focused on The Oscars and entering tangential conversations. The best part about this show was that nothing was ever scripted, and everything you'd hear was improv-ed! The format was simple, have fun conversation inspired by the content we were making.

Over the years I was lucky enough to either directly interview or take part in live roundtables with established musicians, actors, activists, etc. Some of the highlights were individuals & bands such as; Jeffrey Tambor (pictured below with me in-studio), Angela Davis (full roundtable can be found below), AJR, Teddy Geiger, Crown The Empire, Rachel Taylor of He Is We, & Aaron Carter.

The writers' room
Featured throughout as the host of the show.
Mission Creek festival 2014 ROUNDTABLE
Featured @ 8:36 - 11:06 & 28:20 - 29:30 on KRUI News' Mission Creek 2014 Roundtable episode contributing what top five music acts I recommend listeners check out that coming week.
ROUNDTABLE with Dr. Angela Davis
Question with Angela Davis Featured @ 18:00 - 21: 45 
You must excuse my excessive use of the filler word "um"(I don't normally speak like this on air)! I was speaking to one of the largest civil rights figures of the 20th Century, and my nerves were very strong when asking my off-the-cuff question!
read some of my writing for krui here.
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