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10 Eclectic Songs About Beer

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Saint Paddy’s Day is just around the corner, and with that comes beer, and lots of it. In cities all over the world, men and women alike will dress head to toe in green, eat, dance, and have a beer, (or twelve), and Chicago is no exception. So, to mark the festive occasion, we’ve put together an eclectic list of songs all about beer to get you in the St. Patrick’s Day mindset. See which 10 tracks made the diverse list below.

1. “I Hardly Ever Sing Beer Drinking Songs” – Johnny Cash

Back in 1975, the late great Johnny Cash released this country tune with the rest of his Look at Them Beans album, (yes, that’s seriously the real name of it). This ironic tune about never singing about beer or the blues, isn’t the most cheerful, but it’s definitely a great pub sing-along. (No one said it has to sound good.)

2. “Beer for Breakfast” – The Replacements

Those who take St. Patrick’s Day a little too seriously, (*cough cough* guys with the sprayed green hair), may also take advice from The Replacements and have some beer for breakfast. While that may be a questionable life choice, listening to this 90’s tune about the most important meal of the day is not. A great jam worthy of your St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

3. “Hooray For Beer” – Bowling For Soup

It’s rare that you find a song which is nothing more than a love letter to beer, (outside of the modern country genre), but back in 2009, Bowling for Soup (yes, they kept making music after “1985,”) released a comical song which is exactly that. It’s not a far fetched thought that some Chicagoans will be cheering for beer this St. Patrick’s Day!

4. “Beer Bottle Boogie” – Koko Taylor

Blues Queen Koko Taylor gave the world a great ditty called “Beer Bottle Boogie,” back in the 80s. Most of us

have done a beer bottle boogie some time in our life (whether we remember it or not). If you’re doing things right, this soulful hometown tune will be a part of your St. Patrick’s pregame playlist!

5. “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers” – ZZ Top

St. Patrick’s Day or not, ZZ Top are no stranger to a good time, and this 70’s classic makes that apparent. Beer and hell raising obviously go hand-in-hand with St. Paddy’s Day festivities, but don’t get carried away with the rock ‘n’ roll and be that guy everyone’s avoiding because he’s been drinking a little too much beer!

6. “Beercan” – Beck

This 90s Beck tune is definitely on the more trippy side, and is a great addition to our eclectic list of beer songs. While “Beercan” is not your traditional song about beer, it’s still a great song to crack open a beer to and “shake your booty.” (Warning: Your friends may judge you harshly depending on how many beers in you are.)

7. “Gimme a Pigfoot (and a Bottle of Beer)”– Nina Simone

Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday both recorded this nearly century-old tune before Nina Simone recorded this cover, but she makes this rebellious tune her own. While women talking about drinking a bottle of beer is nothing to bat an eye about now (especially on St. Patrick’s Day), back in the day this was a damn edgy song for a gal to sing. Add this to your paddy’s playlist, and have a cold one for these music legends!

8. “Six Pack” – Black Flag

“Six Pack” gives our list a pinch of punk to drink to. Stick to beer if you want to make a drinking game out of this song with your buddies. Black Flag say the words “six pack” 16 times in the less than two and a half minute track, so pace yourselves during the festivities ladies and gents!

9. “There’s a Tear in My Beer” – Hank Williams Sr.

Hank Williams’ classic heartbroken ballad is one that all too many can relate to, drowning your sorrows at a bar beer in hand. Hank says in the he’s nine beers in, with a million tears shed into them in the 1950 country recording, (though it was not released until the late 80s). Here’s to hoping this St. Patrick’s Day the only tears in your beer are from laughter!

10. “Stella” – All Time Low

How can we forget All Time Low’s 2009 pop punk ode to a very specific brand of beer, Stella? The final song on the list details the complicated relationship a man has with Stella, which can also act as a woman’s name. This one’s dedicated to the many who will fall to the floor, break some bottles (on accident of course), or lose their keys this St. Patrick’s Day. Make sure Stella (or insert sober friend’s name here) gets you home safely!

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