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7 Musts To Have Successful Record Store Day

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The 10th Anniversary of Record Store Day is upon us, April 22nd, 2017. Given the occasion, we thought it was time to give you some tips to make it successful, whether it’s your first or your tenth.

1. Have a list ready, and tell your friends what’s on it

That’s right, if you don’t have a list ready for Record Store Day, you shouldn’t even bother leaving your bed. The list is key. Once you make your list, share it with your fellow RSD-going buddies so you can divide and conquer. If you don’t know what’s slotted to release this year, check out our faves here, and view the full list here.

2. Never assume you’re the only one that wants it

It doesn’t matter if there’s a release of a EP from a hair metal band you saw in a hole-in-the-wall while backpacking through Europe a decade ago, or a Top 40 pop release. The odds are, there is someone who wants it just as much, if not more, than you do. Be prepared to work for it.

3. Do your homework

FYI, stores only order what they think will sell at their store. They don’t order every single release, typically, so they could possibly not have a single copy of some of the releases you’re wanting. Do your homework and find out what the stores you’re hitting are ordering for RSD.

4. Get there early with a friend

There is ALWAYS a line. Get there early so you’re not at the end of that line. Call ahead if the record store your patronizing doesn’t have their hours listed online, and find out when lines can begin outside. (And if you can, visit the store before the big day, so you know the layout of the store!)

5. Assume there is only one of everything

Never assume your record store will have multiple copies of anything. They will have multiples for many, but not all. So don’t be surprised if you see the dude in a Journey t-shirt up ahead of you swipe up the re-release of Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” you were looking for, and there’s not another copy for you.

6. Have a backup record store in mind

Have a backup record store ready on your GPS in case you don’t get your must-haves. While the odds of finding your LPs at another location aren’t great, the smaller the town the store is in, the better your chances are of snagging a gem after the doors open. You can locate record stores in your area here.

7. Have fun

Yes, it’s cliche, but necessary. At the end of the day, Record Store Day is about getting like-minded music lovers together to support your local record store. Meet some new people, buy some new music, and have fun hunting for the LPs of your dreams!

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