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5 Crazy Reasons People Have Been Kicked Out of Groups

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1. Stealing From Bandmates

My Chemical Romance fired their drummer, Michael Pedicone, in 2011. Why? He was “caught red-handed stealing from the band” after a show. The band was playing in Auburn, Washington when the theft occurred.

Though it’s not known what was stolen, or any other details, in statement back when the incident happened, MCR stated, “The people who play in this band are a family, and family should not take advantage of each other like he did.” The band also stated on their site that Pedicone confessed to local police.

Crazy as it is, it’s more than understandable why the guys from MCR said so long to their drummer.

2. Liking The Beatles (Too Much)

Apparently there is such a thing as liking The Beatles too much. Back in 1977, the Sex Pistols allegedly fired their bassist, Glen Matlock because of his persistent love for fellow Brits, The Beatles.

The pistols’ manager Malcolm McLaren once told a reporter, Derek Johnson, that Matlock was kicked out of the band because “he went on too long about Paul McCartney.” However, Matlock said in autobiography that there’s no truth to what McLaren told that reporter.

The explanation is far simpler, according to him, he was merely, “sick of the b@*)#&!t.” Who knows what really happened? The thing we do know is that we all love us some Paul and The Beatles.

3. Needing Time to Recover

Frontman of Yes, Jon Anderson, says he was booted from the group back in 2008 after being unable to tour for 4 years due to illness. As Anderson’s health declined, the group toured almost nonstop back in the early 2000s. “I was coughing so much that the only time I wasn’t coughing was onstage,” he told Rolling Stone , “I just needed a break, but the guys were upset about that.” Anderson founded the band in 1968 with bassist Chris Squire, and was replaced by Benoit David, who had previously fronted a Yes tribute band called Close to the Edge. The part that Anderson says hurts the most is that nobody in the band called to tell him the news. He found out eventually from a friend. Such a cold way to end such a longtime relationship!

4. Stage Diving

Kim Shattuck was hired as the touring bassist for The Pixies after they lost theirs suddenly. Things were going great according to the Muffs front-woman, when she learned she was getting the boot via phone call with The Pixies’ manager. The reason she got the boot? Kim thinks it may be because she stage dove at a show in L.A. at the Mayan Theater. She says, “When I got offstage, the manager told me not to do that again. I said, ‘Really, for my own safety?’ And he said, ‘No, because the Pixies don’t do that.'” After all that’s said and done, Kim says she’s still a Pixies fan, so we have a happy ending with this split.

5. Wanting New Management

LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson we’re original members of Destiny’s Child back in the day. They found out they were no longer members of soon-to-be world famous girl group when they saw the video for ‘Say My Name’ on TV back in 2001. The video featured their replacements (one of which was Michelle Williams). Roberson says Luckett and she wrote a letter to their manager Matthew Knowles, (Beyonce’s father who managed the group), seeking an alternative manager to be added to the team based on some issues they had with Matthew’s management style. Their dismissal was Matthew Knowles response to their letter. Harsh!

*Note: All stories are based on other publications, and all actions mentioned are alleged unless otherwise noted*


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