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Ethan Butler Profile & Preview: The Reset @ Reverie, 9/23/17

It’s getting harder and harder to find fresh, young talent that genuinely sounds great when they perform live. It’s even harder to find someone who has the pipes, and can write their own stuff.

28 year-old singer-songwriter Ethan Butler is no stranger to live performances, and energizing crowds. In fact, if you feel like you’ve seen him somewhere before, it was probably your own TV screen.

That’s right, Ethan was a competitor on NBC’s The Voice, Season 7. But Ethan explained that a lot has changed since his “Team Adam” days back in 2014.

Everything from his fashion sense, to his lack of a mustache, has transformed his physical appearance. But the more important question is, how has his sound evolved?

Ethan felt the pressures of reality TV, and started to feel as though he wasn’t representing who he really was musically, but he says that’s all changed, “My sound has grown, matured into something that is inherently me.” Ethan explained, “So I have moved from a place of just trying to make it, to a place where I'd say that I am living my dream...”

So what is his sound like, exactly? Butler describes it as “urban pop rock,” which in his owns words means, “a soulful pop melodies fused with an urban rock sound that a both familiar and fresh.”

His soulful vocal tone is something that must be heard in person. Some lucky SoFar Sounds Chicago fans recently got to experience a very intimate set of Ethan's new music. You can get a taste of that here.

With this fresh approach to his music and career, Ethan has announced “The Reset,” a show at Chicago’s Reverie, Saturday, September 23rd at 7:30 p.m.

Why the name? Ethan says, “I got caught up in the wave of the dream and only lived for the rush of it. Time hasn't slowed, passion hasn't faded, but the need to reset and start again has emerged.”

So what does Ethan “resetting” mean? He says that he's “bringing a new level of freshness to a dream that is still as beautiful as ever.”

Ethan’s soulful voice is something that needs to be heard live to fully grasp and appreciate. Having seen his live performance, it's easy to see that he feeds off of a live audience and their energy, “Live shows aren't just a performance but a communal engagement where I get to interact with the audience, receive their energy and all that they bring with them and pour into my music and give them something new in return.”

Butler’s setlist has something those who want to sit back and listen to some smooth vocals, but it also has something for the ones looking to dance.

He’s appeared live on FOX's Good Day Chicago, to promote his “Reset,” and gave a taste of what his new music he’s been working on is like. “Social Suicide,” is one of his latest tracks, and is a soulful acoustic guitar-driven tune, with a bit of an edge. The lyrics allude to a girl who’s willing to sacrifice everything for luxuries and elevating her social status. The track seems like a very personal piece from Butler’s life, and leads one to believe that his new Live EP, (expected to be released this fall), will feature this, and other well-written tunes.

Your chance to hear and see what Ethan Butler is all about is at Reverie on Saturday night.

For more info on tickets and the show, head here.


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